“So what exactly do you do?”

My job is to do all the heavy lifting for you! (Figuratively speaking of course, I’m not that strong). I want you to send me pictures and measurements of your space. Tell me what’s working, what’s not and what your goal is for the room. Then you leave the rest to me! I’ll get to work putting together some layouts, paint colors, furniture and décor items, all within your budget. Then you choose what you like! I’ll compile a list of links for you, some detailed instructions on simple DIY projects (you can do it!) and a mood board of my vision for the space so you can see it all together before you purchase your items (examples below). You do all of the purchasing yourself – that’s the fun part anyway, and let me handle the hours of scrolling to find the perfect fit for your home!

“So how does it work?”

Once I get a feel for what your style is and what you’re looking for, I’ll begin designing a mock up for your space.

Using images of your own pieces that you would like to incorporate, along with the new items that I’ve shopped for you.

After you’ve approved your design, I’ll send you detailed links of everything in your mockups. Including coupon codes (if applicable). If there’s some things that I would add to the room but aren’t quite in budget at the moment, I’ll add a separate list for that.

For big statement pieces, I’ll send you options. This way you have complete control of your budget!

Let’s make something beautiful together.