Nursery Plans

Well a few weeks ago we found out our sweet baby is a boy! Me, being the Type A planner that I am, was THRILLED to know! We told our families by having them log on to a live stream where they could watch the ultrasound with us. Then it was time for the shopping and nursery design begin!

I was super inspired by Hunter Premo’s nursery for her son Remy. I wanted something that still matched the style of our house but still playful enough to be a nursery! So while there isn’t a “theme” per say, it will have lots of boho and mid century modern elements with some gold accents to add a vintage kind of feel!

Since we are still renting we plan on using peel and stick wallpaper for our accent wall. I’m frantically doing research on this to make sure I don’t completely wreck our wall before we move out. I wanted to just do 1 wall so the room doesn’t feel too dark and cave like.

I’ll reuse the dresser that is currently sitting empty in our guest room as Wilder’s dresser and changing station. I’ll add a changing pad on top and some other small decorative yet functional items as well. Hanging above the dresser I want to get some cool vintage guitar drawings and a couple other sentimental items.

For the crib I’m wanting something that’s a warm wood. Which is proving pretty difficult – especially if I’m wanting to not spend $500 on a crib. As of now plan P.O.A (plan of action) is to get the plan IKEA crib and stain and seal it so it’s baby safe! If IKEA every gets them back in stock. (fingers majorly crossed on that one)

Lighting elements are gold and vintage feeling with the Edison bulbs and the globe. I wanted these to be things that caught your eye but still soft and not as harsh. The room is small and doesn’t necessarily need a light fixture and a lamp, but I figured I would want one behind the rocker for middle of the night feedings once he moves out of our room. To bring it all together with some more boho elements, I found this super cool rug with lots of red rust tones in it.

That’s all I have for now! I’m sure the plan will evolve as I start purchasing stuff and seeing it all come together. I’ll be sure to post pictures along the way! So be sure you’re following Windsor E. Interiors on Instagram or my personal page windsor_cogley if you want baby updates too!

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