Big Announcement!

I know I’ve been a little MIA on here, and for a good reason! ……..

We’re having a baby!!

We found out we were pregnant the day before Mother’s Day! I woke up early (for a Saturday..well who am I kidding – for me) and ran to grab a test from the bathroom. I was 2 days late so I was pretty hopeful that this was it but since I was experiencing what felt like normal cramps I had convinced myself that I wasn’t. After I took the test I layed it on the counter behind the box so I wasn’t watching the blinking dot for the full 3 minutes that feel like eternity. I washed my hands and pulled my hair into a pony tail and went to throw the test wrapper in the trash can and caught a glimpse of the test that seemed to have just one word on it. I picked it up and confirmed that it said “Pregnant” and immediately started giggling. I ran and jumped on my side of the bed and shoved the test in Aaron’s face. I’m kicking myself for not thinking to grab my phone and film it. He kinda starts to wake up and goes “No way. Are you serious?! Hang on let me grab my glasses.”

We are so so excited to meet this sweet little baby in January! We go this weekend to find out if this sweet babe is a boy or a girl so be sure to stay tuned for some nursery decor coming soon! And a big thank you to Carson Hatch (Brothers Cinematography) for our amazing announcement video and photos!

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