Big Impact

Okay so you’ve decided to freshen up the room of your choice. Now what? If you’re working with a smaller budget, you really want to maximize each dollar you spend. You want to focus on items that make the biggest difference in transforming a room! Here are my ideas on what’s going to be a small change that creates a big wow factor!

  1. Lighting

Every time you get on instagram you see an influencer who’s without doubt building their dream home and they flip the camera to show you and it’s an entire wall of windows letting in the gorgeous sunlight into their all white living room. Beautiful! – But what if you aren’t working with a ton of natural light? Add it yourself! Light Fixtures can make a huge impact! Good lighting is a game changer! It can make a room feel cozier, bigger and even cleaner. You can add light through big and bold light fixtures, or even adding a small lamp on a table.

2. Paint

Paint has such a big impact. And I’m not just talking about paint on your walls. If you have an older or more outdated piece, paint can give it a whole new life! Don’t shy away from color either! I am so so guilty of this. I LOVE a good neutral but adding that pop of color makes a huge difference in a room! You could do an accent wall or paint the ceiling! Get creative with it! Paint is an easy and budget friendly option to freshen up a room!

3. Rugs

Rugs to me are a staple in any room. They really help define a space and make it so much more welcoming. This is such a great way to bring in texture or pattern in a room. Don’t be afraid to add an area rug to a room with carpet! That may sound silly but for me it’s been a game changer. Being a renter, I don’t get to make the call on the flooring- and beige carpet isn’t really my jam. Slap a rug on top and you’d never even notice it’s sitting on top of the most boring carpet you’ve ever seen. A tip for rugs – the bigger the rug, the bigger the room feels! So if it’s in the budget I always try to go big for rugs.

4. Curtains

This may not be something that comes to mind for big impact but you’d be surprised how much curtains add! I prefer them to go all the way to the floor. This creates a luxurious feel. All the drama! Curtains are also a good place to add color! Tie in a smaller color from a rug or a throw pillow you love to make the room feel complete!

I hope this inspires you to make some big impact changes in your space! As always, I’d love to help you find new pieces for your home! Stop by the Say Hey page and drop me a note so we can get started today!

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