3 Tips for PickingThrow Pillows

Throw pillows are just the best. They add so much personality to a room and yet, they can be the trickiest element of a room for me. So in case you have just as hard a time as I do, I thought I’d share my favorite tips and tricks for picking throw pillows!

  1. Color Scheme

What helps me the most is picking a color scheme! I usually pick 2-3 colors to play with to start. For our master bedroom I knew I wanted warm tones. So I went with mustard yellow, a burnt orange/rust and the tiiiiiiniest bit of pink. This helped me a ton! It narrows down the million options there are! I like to play around on apps like Canva where you can play around with color swatches so you can see what works together and what doesn’t. It saves you from making color related returns later!

2. Shapes and Sizes

You want to create interest with pillows, so you don’t want pillows that all match completely. For our living room I went with the same shape but different sizes! I didn’t want to add too many pillows so there was still room to sit on the couch. (My husbands request) The leather covers are 20×20 with 22×22 inserts, this helps them fill the cover better. The cream pillows I can’t remember the size of but online it just says “oversized” so it’s big! haha

For our bedroom, I tried to run the gamut on shapes. I started with two large rectangular pillows in the back and then layered in squares in different sizes and then the round velvet. Friendly tip here – when shopping for pillows online, really make sure you read the size descriptions haha. When I ordered the round pillow, I thought it was going to be a lot smaller. Thankfully it still worked but I was definitely shocked when I opened that package.

3. Texture

This is where you can really have fun! Finding different fabrics and things is really visually pleasing. Things like tassels, or fringe can help draw your eye. Fabrics like velvet or burlap can create interest too. The faux fur pillows might be one of my favorite pillow textures, it would be super fun in a kid’s room or playroom!

I hope this helps you find some inspiration for your throw pillows! I’d love to hear if these tips helped you or if I missed a good one in the comments! If you want some help with your space hop over to the Say Hey page and drop me a note! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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