Master Bedroom Reveal

I am so so so excited to have this room done! Our poor bedroom changed identities like a million times. I just could not find a set up that I loved. So it was a lot of trial and error. But I can say with confidence – this is staying!

Starting with our bed! We’ve changed comforters 4 times since we got married in October. I know. The one of our registry which I LOVED was for a queen size bed, and within a day of being home from our honeymoon we went out and bought a king sized bed. Then the comforter I bought for that bed I had an allergic reaction to the down alternative fill, so then we got the quilt. But I just didn’t love it. So when we moved here I told Aaron this would be the last comforter I bought for a while, and so I bought one very similar to our first. SO. Cream colored linen duvet insert. Big fan. It’s so neutral that I could change out pillows in the future if I wanted to, the perfect staple for any bedroom.

Normally when designing a room, the throw pillows are what stump me. But for this room I went all out! I wanted color and texture and visual interest. I picked this fun mustard yellow, with some terracotta colors and a t i n y touch of pink. (I asked and Aaron said he was fine with it) Now I’ll be honest, the velvet pink round pillow , in my head was a lot smaller. This thing is HUGE. But I just swapped out the placement I had in my head and it worked!

Our headboard was again made by Aaron and Andy! We had this at the old place but decided to stain it and it made such a big difference! I love how dramatic it is now! It goes really well with the other wood elements we had in the room.

Our nightstands are just simple IKEA night stands so I dressed up Aaron’s since that’s really the only one you see! I found this super cool vase that’s very textured. I’m not quite sure how to describe the texture, almost cement maybe? Either way it looks very unique and clean so I loved it! I put some dried flowers in here (0 watering so that’s a plus) and it felt complete!

Next up is this insanely cool dresser I found at a thrift store! They said it was from the 70’s and let me tell you it is SOLID. Honestly I wish there was a video of me and the very kind old people who worked at the thrift store who helped me cram this thing into my car. It has that perfect mid century modern feel that I love!

Sitting on top we have our lovely fan that keeps us from sweating all night. Because of our super awesome light fixture that’s all Edison bulbs – it puts out the most heat. But its an awesome statement piece so we put up with it!

Our rug is very similar to our living room rug. A room just feels so much more cozy and complete when it has a soft comfy rug! Also peep our white storage boxes under the bed. Way better than seeing all the clutter. I also wanted to touch on our blackout curtains. Holy cow these things work! I love the bold pop of color they add and how late they let me sleep in! It’s a double win.

Right off our bedroom is our master bath! We ordered this super fun bath runner (which I totally didn’t know was a thing) and it’s so incredibly soft!

Paired all the black and white with another pop of yellow. If you need new towels I would recommend these Threshold ones from Target! They are very soft but don’t shed like most new towels!

Thew in some greenery and a Magnolia basket to hold extra toilet paper and the bathroom was done!

We’re so happy to have these spaces complete! It really feels like home now!

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