Guest Room Reveal

Our guest room was the next room to be completed! We had a bit of a time crunch with company coming the next two weekends, so I was super relieved we got this done!

First up – the bed! We bought this bed from some sweet sweet friends before we moved. So we dressed that with a cozy linen duvet that just makes you want to crawl under the sheets and never leave. Aaron and I actually slept in here a couple nights before our fan arrived (our room was waaaay too warm to sleep in) and it’s so comfy! I added some mauve patterned pillows to add some color and then this super awesome Target pillow that totally looks like Anthropologie. We also ordered these prints to hang above the bed. Without a headboard, I wanted something to add interest to this wall, and still be hung high enough that people don’t hit their heads on it while sitting in bed. Such an easy (and cheap!) solution.

Also pictured some black out curtains because all of the windows in our apartment seem to be in direct path of the sun in the morning! This way our guests can sleep past 6AM.

This room also doubles as our office. So we have Aaron’s desk set up in this room. He was kind enough to get a desk and PC that worked with my “aesthetic”. He’s a keeper. Paired that with a chic leather cognac chair and an IKEA cart for storage and TA-DA! An office that’s not an eye sore.

If you’ve seen my other blog posts you’ll recognize this dresser from my old bedroom. Yeah that’s right, the one with the snapped off leg. Well after a second one was damaged in the move, we just decided to take the legs off. Boom. Fixed. We use this for storage for things like our Cricut machine, stationary and just random stuff that has no other place.

Sitting on top, I went with this cute little geometric lamp and put an Edison bulb inside that we had leftover from the wedding. I love the warm glow this gives off! So much more inviting. I paired that with some cute greenery (faux of course – I like low maintenance) and naturally a yummy smelling candle. Am I cheesy and picked the one named “Shelter”? Yes, yes I am. I just loved having this room be a shelter and safe space for out guests!

I also got a letter board to put the Wifi info on a bin filled with snacks. I’ll touch more on this in another post so stay tuned! But for now my absolute favorite part of this room!

On Etsy I found these adorable One Line drawings of each of our homes. Aaron grew up in Pittsburgh, I grew up near Atlanta, we both moved to Jacksonville where we met and got married and now we’re here in Nashville! I really love adding personal elements in our house. That’s what makes each room feel like home!

I found these super simple wooden frames and I thought they looked so cool next to the bamboo sun mirror. The mirror adds all the dimension to this wall!

Well thanks for reading all about our guest room! If you wanna stay just make sure you call first – it’s booking up fast. JK but for real I am so so excited to have a space for our friends and family to come see our new home and experience our new city with them! As always if you want some help making your space feel like home please drop me a note! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Love the guest bedroom! Especially the “city “prints.” With so many families on the move, keeping our roots close is important. Great way to do it!


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