Living Room Essentials

Living rooms are one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where you exist! Where you unwind with your favorite dessert and your latest binge watch, where your kids play while you cook dinner, where your guests gather to chit chat. With a room that important why shouldn’t it look as important as it is? Let’s chat essentials!

1. Layout

For this you really have to look at what this room functions as. Do you have kids who require a big open space to play dress up and have dance parties? Do you host people often and need lots of seating? Is you living space tiny so your coffee table doubles as your kitchen table? These are things to consider! Once you know your function you can move on to step number 2.

2. Big Furniture Pieces

In your living room you really have got 3 major furniture pieces, the biggest being your couch! Your couch is an investment piece. If you pick the right one you will have it for many years to come! When picking your couch you want to think about things like how many people you will ideally be seating, what will the ware and tear be on this fabric, does this fit what my style and obviously number 1 question should be is this comfortable? Your sofa is the defining piece of this room so you want to build everything else around it! Other big items such as entertainment centers and tables should once again tie into the function of the space! If you want a more open concept, maybe go with end tables instead of a coffee table. Or if you need more seating, maybe choose a plush ottoman that can be moved easily. Entertainment centers are an awesome way to get more storage into your space! Gaming consoles, kids toys, movies and remotes are all eye sores that you want tucked away as beautifully as possible!

3. Good lighting

Not every room has gorgeous natural sunlight pouring in at all hours of the day. So what do you do? Light fixtures can totally elevate a room! Lighting in itself can make a room do a 180. If you want a bold piece, find a modern chandelier. If you want something a little more subtle and cozy, find an amazing vintage floor lamp.

4. Pillows

Every husbands nightmare, I know. But pillows are arguably the most fun thing to buy! This is where you get to start adding color and texture into your room. Experiment with different fabrics and see what you like! Select what your color scheme is and go from there. I usually like to pick 3 colors that compliment each other. You’ll be surprised how much life these can add to your space!

5. Rugs

I like to use rugs to really define the space. I’ve found that the bigger your rug is, the bigger your space feels. Rugs add such a cozy element to your room. You want to pick something that flows with your design choices already. So if you have a lot of bold pillows, maybe tie in a more simple rug that’s solid colored. Or the reverse, more muted pillows go big or go home with your rug!

6. Personality

The final essential really should be whatever makes the room feel like you! This is where you add in your accessories. If you love to cozy up with a book, find some awesome colored books to stack and add some candle sticks. If you love music, add in your instruments or frame your favorite piece of sheet music. If you’re an artist, frame your own artwork around the room for great conversation pieces. What makes a room beautiful is the personality you put into it!

I hope this inspires you to make your living room the most lived in room in your home! As always if you need any help or just want to say hello, swing by the Say Hey page and drop me a note! I’d love to hear from you!

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