How it All Started

I grew up with some pretty great decorators as my influences! My mom, my aunt, my grandmas…all of their houses look incredible! So when I was old enough to start taking charge of my own spaces I was thrilled! My first big project that I did was my own bedroom. I put aside a budget for myself and started shopping. I learned a lot from that experience things like “Just because that dresser is only $250 doesn’t mean it’s great find”. Poor Aaron (my guy). He spent a good 2 hours putting that thing together only for the leg to snap in half as we stood it up for the first time. But hey, now I know my materials!

Once we were engaged, I moved into what would become our first apartment! I had the best time finding pieces, or registering for pieces (thank you everyone) that would fit in our home. Once we got married and started hosting people more, people kept saying “Do you want to do something with interior design?” It had genuinely never occurred to me. I didn’t think that was an option.

Fast forward a few months and we were planning our move to Nashville. Aaron had a job lined up and peoples favorite question seemed to be “And what are you going to be doing?” I never really had a great answer. Then one day Aaron and I were talking with some friends and I said, “What if there was I way I could do some kind of interior design work online?” I had done a few projects for friends where I had created mock ups of their rooms and sent them links to everything they needed. After some words of encouragement from friends and family I figured – let’s give it a shot!

That’s when Windsor E. Interiors was born. I figure some perks to designing remotely is I can design for anyone! Doesn’t matter what your locations is, as long as you have internet accesses I can help you. Another benefit, this is COVID safe! No one in and out of your house bringing all their germs into your space. Emails or zoom calls work perfectly for me to connect with you and get you set up for the room of your dreams. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Come say hey and let’s chat about your dream room!

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