Putting Down Roots

What makes you feel most at home? For me it’s a clean house, all the lamps on, a candle lit and some music on low in the background. When we moved to Nashville just a few weeks ago I was craving that. Boxes covered the apartment and there was dirt and mulch everywhere from moving in on a rainy Saturday. The first space I needed to get together was the living room. I needed the most central part of the home to feel like a home!

Our couches were new to us! A great find on Facebook Marketplace – I am not above a good deal. With some elbow grease put in by my handsome guy, they were looking and smelling brand new! I wanted to style them in a way that felt comfy, something that when you saw it, something in your brain went “I have to snuggle that pillow”. I found these awesome oversize pillows from Target. They were out of stock for forever, so I stalked my email like my life depended on it. I may or may not have bought them online while I was getting my fingerprints done for a new job. I was NOT taking any chances.

With the couch and the base pillow being so neutral, I knew I needed something to break it up. I was able to find these awesome leather pillow covers that completed the look! I love these because they are different from most throw pillows you see and, as an added bonus they are so easy to clean! Little tip when buying throw pillow inserts! You want to make sure that your pillow is one size bigger than your cover. This helps your pillow look fuller and more plush!

The wall hanging above the couch was a piece that I had owned for a couple years now. It used to hang above my bed at my parents house before I got married, but I thought it was the perfect addition to the living room! Something to cover up the bare wall above the couch! It’s the perfect neutral boho element the room needs.

Our awesome rug that I love with my whole heart and never ever want to get rid of! Its so soft and plush and adds a nice texture to the room. I love the subtle tassels on the end of it. The cream and black perfectly fit into the room.

TV stands are tricky! You want something beautiful but something with storage. Nothing too bulky but, big enough to hide all the extension cords or game consoles. My husband is the most tech-y person I know so I needed something to hide our 18 million HDMI cords. And who am I kidding – I have a massive DVD collection that I was not getting rid of. I found this awesome mid century modern stand. The top being white and glossy looked awesome with the wood doors that open to hide all of our junk.

The wood also tied into our incredible coffee table that my guy built! Well him and his friend, Andy. I found this picture on Pinterest and when I clicked the link, my heart sank. $900. Ummmm not in the budget. When I showed my husband so that he could be on the lookout for something similar he laughed and said, “I can make that.” Then he did. What a guy!

With so many straight lines, we needed some curves. So we chose the hairpin legs for the table. We needed a few more so we went with this wicker chandelier with an amazing edison bulb inside. Now I’ll admit I thought we couldn’t do this because we are renting. But then my guy informed me that all we have to do is put the originals back. I’m glad he’s stuck with me! 🙂

Finally we needed some greenery! Pretty much an essential in any bohemian space. I grabbed a faux fiddle leaf tree and a few faux planters in these fun geometric shapes! I have to do faux because any plant I’ve ever tried to keep alive has been killed in like a week. So faux it is from here on out. (You’ll also see our super cool vintage record player sitting here! An awesome antique store find that we were able to use at our wedding. We are hoping to find a place here that can restore it and get it functioning again! Fingers crossed!)

So finally our first room came together! I vacuumed the whole house and lit my candle and it became home! We are so excited to be in Nashville and start building our life and our family here. I’m excited to take on this new adventure and seeing where this business leads! If you want to stick around please subscribe to see blog posts or if you want help with your spaces go stop by my Say Hey page! I can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Rachel says:

    It’s beautiful! You turned a generic apartment into a cozy and interesting room. Good luck with your new business! I will be following you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heidi Ferguson says:

    Lovely post Windsor! And yes, you’ve created such a warm, cozy & welcoming space in your new apartment! No doubt you’ll help create amazing spaces for your clients!


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